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Creating theatre
From thin air
Before your very eyes
Imagine that.


Theatre Imaginers are James Cross and Des Truscott. Together, they create detailed worlds out of thin air, rich in possibility, right before your very eyes…


Using the body as material, they employ a physical language which is clear and recognisable yet has the ability to ignite the imagination and transport an audience into another world. 


James and Des started working together in summer 2014 after meeting at Middlesex University. Together, through Des' vast experience as a director, teacher and performer, and James' physical genius, they've been creating a highly visual, skill-based method focused on the creation of exciting, physical, imaginative theatre.


Theatre Imaginers aim to imaginatively engage an audience through the suggestive possibilities of performance. They do this by creating simple, recognisable moments on stage using only the essential elements - body, costume, lighting, sound- allowing space for an audience to ‘colour’ the performance with their own thoughts, actively and imaginatively engaging with the action, conjuring their own world around the performer on stage.  


Theatre Imaginers creates work which is inclusive and does not rely on verbal language to communicate. Contact us for more information about workshop and performance opportunities.


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