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James is a theatre artist based in North London who creates visual, physical styles of performance.

He is a storyteller who uses his body instead of words.

He believes performing is a craft which can be practised and worked at.

He invests time and energy in to the work he makes. 

He likes to play.  
He enjoys taking photographs.
He likes things that are a bit surreal.

Everyday he reads On Risk and Investment by Tim Etchells

Everyday he looks at pictures of a cat he used to know. 


Collaboration is at the heart of his practice.

Predominately, James creates work as a member of Theatre Imaginers and Bross Collective.

James is currently researching and developing his practice and performance methodology whilst studying an MA in Theatre Arts at Middlesex University.


He is in the process of creating a dynamic, online archive. 

James is also, and will forever be, a member of black shoe.

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